Example Transactions

See below the range of example lending activities delivered by Seneca


Type: Bridging Finance
Description: The building was acquired to convert into 24 student rooms and 3 flats to generate rental income. Our funding was to support the refitting and refurbishing of the property.
Amount: £350k
Term: 4 months
Security: First charge over the property


Type: Block Discounting
Description: The borrower operates in the asset finance market place funding plant and machinery. They require funding lines to support the growth in funding opportunities
Amount: £500k
Term: 3 years
Security: Fixed and floating charge over the assets financed and funder’s company


Type: Inventory facility
Description: The borrower had the opportunity to acquire stock at an advantageous price
Amount: £300k
Term: 3 months
Security: Fixed and floating charge over the assets of the business and personal guarantees



Type: Property Loan
Description: Funding was secured on a property acquired as part of an acquisition
Amount: £1.4m
Term: 12 months
Security: Fixed charge over the property and fixed and floating charge over the acquirer